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Impressive effects bring a breathtaking highlight to shows!


Every pyro show is a breathtaking experience for the audience. Pyro shows are made with special equipment that fills the sky with bright flying sparks.


Pyro show can be a highlight for the end of the show, a separate performance or a spectacle that fills an entire stadium. 


Plan with us an unique pyro show for your event!


Company logo's, slogans or the whole visual look of thebrand can be now included into our shows! 

With new and innovative Visual Poi technology, visuals, colors, graphics and shapes can be combined into a presentation - drawing them into the air with custom-made equipment!

Note! The magic, brightness and colors of the instruments are always at their most spectacular in a live event.



Large flames heat up, excite and create a spectacular extra effect on fire performances!


Lasers fill the stage and the entire event area with their brightness and are perfect addition for our light shows!

The laser show is a spectacular element for Concerts, TV productions, Galas and Corporate events. The laser show is always custom-made.

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